Nu är jag här i sverige!


One thought on “Nu är jag här i sverige!

  1. We support your cause whole heartedly…this article gives a good breakdown of the dynamics surrounding the question of segregation in sweden though we would add to this analysis that segregation is based on two communities being separate and unequal…integration does not imply equality we can be integrated and still be unequal…..

    maybe what we must strive for is to elevate ourselves on all levels of human interaction….politics…economics…education…housing…to bring ourselves up out of this poor thinking by educating and elevating ourselves and those around us….

    its better to be separate and equal than integrated and unequal…..we really have the power to lift ourselves out of the situation we find ourselves in….as you say the collective determination and will must be present in order for this to take place, what you mention about drug dealers is so true….i am from london and i see the same pattern of violence and desperation taking hold of the youth in sweden…..

    It really is going to take a major intervention to de-rail the negative trends taking a grip on our youth…thankfully their exists people like yourselves who see whats taking place and are working to educate and mobilize others….keep up the good work…salute


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